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    William Blair & Company must receive confirmation that a client or prospect is eligible, in accordance with the criteria below, for investing in private placement investments prior to presenting marketing materials or offerings.

    To gain permission to view the William Blair Fund of Funds Web Site, please complete the form below, and click "Submit." The information that you enter will be filed as a matter of record with William Blair confirming that the client or prospect meets requirements for eligibility for these investments.

    Investing in limited partnerships may result in additional tax filing requirements including K-1 forms and potentially multiple state tax returns.

    Investor Eligibility Definitions Individuals Entities
    AI Accredited Investor
    • Net worth excluding primary residence > $1.0 million — OR income > $200K in each of past two years and current year AND
    • Net worth including primary residence > $1.5 million
    • Assets > $5M OR — Trust that was formed by an accredited investor for the benefit of a family member.
    QP Qualified Purchaser
    • Meets requirements of Accredited Investor above PLUS:
    • Investments > $5 million
    • Meets requirements of Accredited Investor above PLUS:
    • Investments > $25 million
      OR — Trust with each beneficial owner has investments > $5 million
      OR — Family company with investments > $5 million
    QEP Qualified Eligible Person
    • Meets requirements of Accredited Investor above PLUS:
    • Investments > $2 million
    • Assets > $5M

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    please contact Wendy Evans at 302.573.5128

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    Accredited Investor (AI)
    1. Any natural person with a net worth of $1 million (alone or combined with the individual’s spouse) without including the value of the primary residence; or
    2. Any natural person who has had an individual income in excess of $200,000 in each of the past 2 years or a joint income with his/her spouse of $300,000 during those 2 years with the reasonable expectation of reaching the same income level in the current year; or
    3. An entity in which each of the equity owners is an accredited investor; or
    4. Any corporation, partnership, business trust with total assets in excess of $5 million not formed for the specific purpose of acquiring the securities offered.
    Qualified Purchaser (QP)
    1. Individuals who own $5 million in investments, which include securities, financial contracts entered into for investment purposes, cash, cash equivalents held for investment purposes, real estate held for investment purposes, CDs, bankers acceptances and other similar bank instruments held for investment purposes. Investments do not include real estate held for personal purposes, jewelry, art, antiques, and other collectibles. Debt used to acquire the investments is excluded from the value of the investments; or
    2. Institutional investors who own $25 million in investments; or
    3. A family owned company which owns $5 million in investments; or
    4. For trusts with less than $25 million, a trust where the trustee and each person who contributes assets to the trust is a Qualified Purchaser; or
    5. A "Qualified Institutional Buyer" under Rule 144A of the 33 Act, except that "dealers" under Rule 144 must meet the $25 million standard of the 1940 Act, rather than the $10 million standard of Rule 144A. Rule 144A generally defines a "Qualified Institutional Buyer" as institutions, including registered Investment Companies, that own and invest on a discretionary basis $100 million of securities that are affiliated with the institution, banks that own and invest on a discretionary basis $100 million in QIB securities and have an audited net worth of $25 million, and certain registered dealers; or
    6. A company owned beneficially only by Qualified Purchasers; however, a company will not be deemed to be a qualified purchaser if it was formed for the specific purposes of acquiring the securities offered by a 3(c)(7) fund.
    Qualified Eligible Person (QEP)
    1. Must own securities and other investments with a market value of at least $2,000,000; or
    2. Has or has had an account open with a futures commission merchant at any time during the preceding six month period (along with $200,000 or more initial margin and option premiums for commodity interest transactions); or
    3. Has a combined portfolio of the investments specified in the two requirements above.
    Qualified Client (QC)
    Investors must have a net worth or joint net worth with their spouse which exceeds $1,500,000(US) at the time of investment.