The William Blair Advanced Alpha Strategies team offers alternatives-based solutions that seek to provide clients unique, uncorrelated sources of alpha. Our highly experienced team specializes in developing and managing diverse alternative strategies. The team is led by seasoned investment professionals who capitalize on a broad range of backgrounds and who each bring more than 10 years of industry experience.

Global Commodity Specialist strategy

The Global Commodity Specialist (GCS) strategy was launched in 2013 to seek compelling and uncorrelated investment opportunities within the global commodities markets due to the broad availability of asymmetric information, high embedded levels of volatility, and the significant participation of non-economic players.

The Global Commodity Specialist strategy was designed to:

  • Focus on off-the-run markets and capacity constrained, niche specialists managers;
  • Provide actively managed, hedged exposure with ability to profit when commodity prices rise or fall;
  • Add diversification within a traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds; and
  • Include exposure to an array of commodity sectors and trading strategies.

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Read our white paper: Opportunities in Off-the-Run Commodities (PDF)

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